Varkasa Inc was established in 2010 with a primary focus to provide training in software testing / QA Automation. Our services quickly grew to be among the most popular software company worldwide and is used by 1000’s of members globally. With this popularity and huge database for potential jobs we now envision for full fledged staffing company with onsite and Remote workforce that focus on testing.

Varkasa Inc was founded by Karthik Kosireddi who has 16 years of strong IT expertise ranging from Software services, Product Development, QA, Sales, Account Management and Client Relationships for very large global clients. He has also managed over hundreds of IT engagements and thousands of IT professionals during his experience.


IT eLearn was started in 2009 to help the novice as well as experienced professionals become masters on the most popular Software Test Automation tool, QTP. With huge success of QTP eLearn and over 2000 trained participants in under 2 years, we launched Selenium eLearn into our training offering mid 2011. IT eLearn provides easy access to 200+ high quality videos that help master the tools and prepare one for todays job market. We are glad to introduce the complete QA/Testing training package as part of the current training services.

logo was launched with the strong belief that great QA talent is not easily available. Unless, we think beyond. The concept was to think through a model that helps to create a 2nd, part-time, work from home QA job. Visit us at for more info.

Consultants get to choose to work for a certain number of hours per week, which helps them to keep a full-time job and then create secondary earning potential. Many consultants will switch to work full-time too.


AnyAUT is developed after continuous experiments and researches by a team of software test automation professionals and is aimed at ensuring the quality and overall performance of any software application.When each aspect of the application should be tested, it should be done fast too in line with today’s agile methodology. At AnyAUT we take care of both these aspects, delivering accurate test results and to deliver it fast.

Automation Services

With our strength in building reusable and script free automation frameworks, we would like to offer our range of Automation Services. Contact us and see how we could assist your needs towards:

Free assessment and proposal for your requirement.
End-to-end Automation Framework development and deployment.
Consulting and staffing with strong Automation skilled professionals.
Design, Develop and Maintenance of customized Automation Frameworks on HP QTP/UFT and Selenium.


Our staffing service is a hybrid model with Onsite and Remote staff augmentation. With our highly reached network of over 60,000 QA professionals globally, we believe in our ability to quickly staff

  • Onsite Staffing
  • Remote Staffing



Our highly successful Technology eLearnining program has been trusted by thousands of IT professionals to deliver Detailed, Clear and Industry/Job focused training on demand. Our flagship venture ( is now home to over 10,000 global IT professionals for the worlds most popular software testing tools and skills.


1. Onsite Staff Augmentation: Talk to us about skilled professionals – Contact us for immediate project needs that require skilled QA professionals to be quickly on-boarded and with the flexibility to ramp down with short notice.

2. Remote Staff Augmentation: We understand that your businesses may sometime require a low cost alternate with a flexibility to be able to work from a remote location and continue to provide same quality services. Evaluate our remote Tech Forum and know how they have helped hundreds of customers worldwide in their project requirements.

The primary difference between Onsite and  a Remote worker is

a. The location

b. The flexibility in number of hrs/ time zone

c. The significant difference in per hour cost

d. The ability to do very quick on boarding or off boarding with minimal paper work.

e. Make a great ROI representation to your management.

These remote workforce services are well bagged with our experienced project leads, who would monitor the ongoing activities and for immediate point of escalation and resolution and provide further solutions to your growing needs.


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